Ugly Ducklings

Some decades back, Mr. Donald Duck freed many of his ducks and duckling on the eastern side of his vast estate. When the Ducks got freedom, they found themselves among the various other types of creatures and living groups in the world. The ducks tried to adopt themselves with one of the many groups who were highly influential in the world. This was start of losing their own identity of being a duck which they were and were quite beautiful. In this run for aligning to the change and changing needs of time, the ducks and duckling started experimenting by having plastic surgery to improve their standing in the world. Some of the ducks tried to be Hawk of Iqbal and got artificial beaks and claws. Some tried to be camel of some deserted Arab region of Middle East. Others tried to align themselves to with the Elephants and Donkeys of North American side. Some tried to be a Panda, a Bear, a Cow, A Phoenix, but in doing so, the duckling transformed themselves into the most ugliest looking face on earth. The group of duckling lost its identity and started cannibalizing itself.

Now the group is a bunch of most idiotic flock in universe. They cover the ugly face sometimes with Che Guevara, then the ugly duckling hide its face behind Imam Khomeini, some ugly ducklings hide behind the Rabia. The ugly ducklings tried to camouflage itself with Mao Zedong, with Karl Marx, with Jinnah, with Iqbal, with Hugo Chavez, with Gandhi, with Nelson Mandela, with Saddam Hussain, with Colonel Gaddafi, with Bashar ul Asad, with Yaser Arafat, with Hasan Nasrullah, with Anonymous, with Occupy “Islamabad”, with Tienanmen Square, with Tehreer Square, with Osama Bin Laden, with Socialist face, with Liberal face, with Islamist face, with Jihadist face, with Secular face, with colors of holi, with images of Bhagat Singh, with Shah Lateef, with Data Sahib, with Khushhal Khan Khattak, with Ghalib, with Hosh Muhmmad Shedi, with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, with Prithvi Raj Chohan, with Ghouri, with Ghaznavi, with Mughal, with an Iranian Face, with a Saudi Face, an American one, a Russian too, a Chinese face, a Britain face and the list goes on…….

The Funniest thing, the Ugly Ducklings are now hiding behind the French Flags since last two days…………….. Poor Ugly Ducklings, no direction, no thinking, no ideology, no identity…………. Poor Ugly astrayed Ducklings……………..!!!!


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